Whoever seeks peace St. Benedict will provide the silence of the desert where,
thanks to its austerity,
the motives of human relationships are reduced
to the most vital and essential ones

Pope Paul VI

The sisters will receive as Christ guests who feel the need to retreat
into their shared silence and prayer life.

This may be in the form of a retreat (short stay) in the monastery guest-house (only women, girls and small organised groups).

The monastery interior cannot be visited (cloistered sisters).

You are welcome to participate in all the Offices.

For any information, please get in touch with the sister in charge of welcome, by post, by telephone or by fax.


P.S. Pilgrims, in couple or with family, are invited to contact the Foyer de la Sainte-Famille, at the Sanctuary Notre-Dame de Grâces à Cotignac, both for lodging and catering.